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. there will be improvements to the amtrak northeast corridor which links washington, new york, and boston. the president has brought vice president biden with them. mr. biden, of course, a champion of rail travel who rode amtrak himself from wilmington, delaware into washington for years and years. the president said in his "state of the union address" that it is simply unacceptable that europe and asia have high-speed rails and the u.s. does not. the projects here in florida expected to eventually create 23,000 jobs, but the key word there is eventually. $8 billion is not really enough money to complete even one high-speed rail project. it is only now to do the planning, development, some of the land acquisition. the real jobs back, the track playing jobs, the clearances and stuff may be years away. this will provide, however, some immediate stimulus money for general electric and more than two dozen other companies. some of those companies will be foreign companies, including hitachi. trace: isn't that what the republicans are complaining about? too much spending and not enough saving? >> reporter: and th
in the washington bureau with more. good afternoon. good does the white house stand on these transfers? >> thank you jamie. a senior administration official insists that no transfers from guantanamo to saudi arabia will happen in the near term, and what's important for context, this official is saying, this has been their position for some time and it's not related to intense pressure from capitol hill to put these controversial transfers on hold, nor does this official say it's related specifically to fight 253, and what's well documented now is that at least two leaders of al-qaeda in yemen, this is the group that claims responsibility for flight 253, came through the saudi rehab program and then returned to the battlefield, jamie. jamie: quick response from capitol hill, right? >> there was. a short time ago, we got a statement from senator jeff sessions who wrote to the obama administration monthing ago not only about the transfers but the program for the jihad is and the administration has not announced a review of the saudi rehab program or any plans to suspend transfers to the facility, this
out of washington suggests that lawmakers are still trying to move forward on healthcare reform. last week house speaker nancy pelosi said she didn't have the votes but today she says "we will have something on healthcare". meanwhile more reports of some serious infighting between top democrats on how to get this done. yesterday house majority whip jim clay burn calling the senate the "house of lords" and says they're out of touch. majority leader steny hoyer saying the legislative process in the senate is broken. airy reed saying i can give you a few comments on how i feel about the house. let's debate all of this. we bring in our foxnews.com contributor. a conservative columnist and debbie is a member of the democratic national committee. thank you so much for being here. debbie i want to start with you. all of this feuding we're hearing abon capitol hill is this business as usual or something more serious. >> great about democracy. freedom of speech and people having an opportunity to have an exchange of ideas fact of the matter all democratic leadership starting with this presiden
-- blow to democrats in washington. that means no more supermajority for democrats. the option to push through legislation with zero gop support, it's gone. senator-elect brown says he is eager to get to work in washington. >> i think it's important that we hit the ground running because there are some very important issues facing our country, and i've always had, contrary to, you know, the campaign's over now, and now we have to focus on solving problems, and i've had great working relationships with the delegation, and i'm looking forward to getting down there as quickly as i can. jamie: so what will happen in washington? we go to fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron who is live in boston. he sounds, brown, like he is beginning to push to be seated immediately. could that? >> there's going to be some delays, but the senator-elect is going to head down to washington tomorrow, he should be there late in the morning, and he plans to meet with the current interim senator occupying the seat he'll soon take and john kerry. they are all democrats. but it'll only be a short vi
across the country. carl cameron is live in washington. what exactly happened in delaware? >> what happened was a little of what happened in massachusetts, and a lot of what's been happening all year, intensity, energy, and voter interest is gravitating away from democrats and toward republicans, and beau biden, the vice president's son, the state of delaware's current together, opted not to run and it's worth noting that that feat is currently -- seat is occupied by ted coughlin who was then senator joe biden chief of staff, coughlin was put in place essentially as a place holder by the vice president and the administration with the assumption and the participation of democrats in delaware that beau biden would run and fill the seat. vice president beau bid -- joe biden occupied it for 36 years and as a con -- consequence of beau's decision not to run it lines up republicans like a castle to win that seat, which would amount to a big republican pickup and it's symbolic in that its joe biden's former seat, one his son was supposed to take and has opted not to. the same in illinois,
aside as majority leader. he has since retired from the senate. in washington with more on this story. how are reid supporters explaining the comparison from 2002? >> well, just to give folks some context, explain exactly what happened. taking part in a birthday celebration for senator strom thurmond. he was proud that his state have voted for thurmond, and the country which have been very different. running on a segregationist ticket. well, those comments eventually cost lot of his position. the situation is much different >> harry reid, on the other hand, is someone that has fought for racial inclusion. he has fought with fairness and democracy for all americans regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. he even put his political career on the line. very different. >> and all of supporters were pointing to is link the record on civil rights issues. that has earned him the right to apologize for these comments and move on. >> clearly that explanation isn't good enough for everyone, right. >> exactly. as you would imagine, a number of top republicans said there is no way that a gop lea
to the american people and i think they don't want either is for washington to continue being so washington. like. patti ann: well, molly henneberg is in baltimore covering the republican response today. the questions after the speech perhaps more telling than the speech itself. what kinds of questions did the president get? >> reporter: well, for example he was asked why not start the government spending freeze this year instead of next year? the president said no, he thinks that would hurt the economy. or from mr. president are you in favor of line item veto so you can veto certain things in bills. the president said yes, i'm interested in that let's continue to talk further and then this exchange between the president and freshman representative from utah jason about president obama's promise of transparency in healthcare reform discussions. listen to this. >> democrats have the house and the senate in this presidency. when you stood up before the american people multiple times and said you broadcast the healthcare debate on c-span you didn't. it was -- i was disappointed and i think a lot of
not when this is a wake-up call to anybody in washington. people want change. i tell you one thing. it's a mistake for people to think this is a right versus left an outsider versus insider. trace: a fair point. whether coakley wins or loses the vote white house, no matter how they try and spin this, they cannot be happy. >> i don't think they are happy and whether they will recognize reality is another question. interviewed a senior administration official who said we take no lesson from this. we are not chasing it at all. if anything we are going to accelerate and act like it didn't happen. that may come in fact, be the strategy. there is not a battle won. what is the white house plan acted today? whether or not they win. clearly the president's policies are unpopular in one of the most critical states in the country. they can't admit that. that appears to be their plan. trace: how telling is this where democrats? you look at virginia and what happened there and new jersey and what happened there. the biggest common denominator in all three of these races is the fact that independent
and senate. chief washington correspondent jim angle is live from our d.c. bureau, the word is that the negotiations are really bogged down now over how to combine these two bills, one in the and one in the senate which are vastly different in many respects. what do you predict will happen? >> reporter: that's right, they are very different and that's why you have members from both house and senate there in the white house with the president going over the bill. as you said, section by section. they have even ordered in club sandwiches for lunch. looks like they're going to be there for a while. they have been there 10:0 this morning. they need to work out some kind of bill that can easily pass both house it is they want a bill anytime soon. now charlie rangel is saying there are serious problems getting bill passed at all. many other house members are using the word impass complaining about provisions in the senate bill they have to reconcile with the house bill. let's take a listen. >> if the present senate language continues to be what dominates this discussion, there's g
is live for us in washington. jim, give us an idea of where we stand right now on this. >> well, everybody is waiting for the dust to settle and trying to figure out where this goes now, trace. both the democrats and republicans say the reforms, as written, are not going anywhere, so each side pushes a little differently as you might expect. take a listen. >> this bill is dead. well, maybe it's not quite as dead as i want it. but until it's dead and we begin the process, to work in a bipartisan way, republicans are not going to work off of this monstrocity. there's not enough common ground. >> speaking nancie pelosi didn't go quite that far but made it clear house democrats will not pass the senate bill, as you said, which was the only hope of keeping the sweeping reforms moving. >> so in its present form, without any change, i don't think it's possible to pass the senate bill in the house there's -- a part of our caucus that would say let's take these pieces, we recognize health care reform must be done, let's take pieces of it and go forward and there are others saying let's just get it
: the supreme court made that decision january 22nd, 1973. every year since then pro-lifers come to washington to protest the decision. the rally behind me is about to finish up. all these tens of thousands of protesters will head toward the capital. beyond that to the supreme court will they will rally on the steps outside the supreme court. trace: live for us in washington. the terror in texas. police are hunting for a suspect behind a string, apparently, of sexual attacks on elderly women. chris is live for us in texas. >> reporter: hey, trace. texas governor rick perry formed a special task force to catch this serial rapist to authorities say is targeting the elderly women living alone. you can see a one-stop town. population just 400 people. two women were attacked in this community. people inside these local diners are talking about what happened, and they want this guy caught. trace: understandable. live for us in taxes. that is brand new information at the bottom of the hour. now continuing coverage on haiti. escaping the devastation. ever since the quake hit thousands of haitians are
: live for us in washington. thank you. patti ann: a daring jury thief is caught on tape in new mexico the stores owner says the suspects visited her store three separate times. under the pretense of shopping for an engagement ring. first he seemed nice and outspoken. on the third visit things changed. he snagged three rings from her hand and ran off. santa fe police are hoping this video police to his arrest. described as an hispanic man. trace: since@=h i'm robert shapiro. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom we'll help you incorporate your business, file a patent, make a will and more. you can complete our online questions in minutes. then we'll prepare your legal documents and deliver them directly to you. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at legalzoom.com we put the law on your side. trace: a deadly plane crash in the mediterranean sea. investigators are now trying to figure out what caused the plane to burst into flames in midair. i'm trace gallagher. >> and i'm faet patti
of what is being considered on capitol hill in washington. so virginia says hey, we'll pass our own state law to block that. nineteen -- or 18 other states considering doing the similar type of strategy, trace. trace: you mentioned legislation, shannon. what about the possibility of taking this fight to court? >> there's a lot of talk about that. nevada governor jim gibbens is one that's been most vocal about this. his home state senator is harry reid, he said basically he stabbed us in the back, he's hurting his own constituents by what governor gibbens calls back room deals and sweetheart deals, and there's talk of instituting lawsuits but there's also state attorneys general who are putting together a strategy as well, headed up by south carolina's attorney general horizony mcmaster, leading the charge there. here's what he told us. >> under the sturks the congress has power to tax and to spend. they have broad power but it's not unlimited. there has to be a reason for distinctions in spending. and here, the only distinction was the necessity to get senator ben nelson's vote. that's no
heads will roll and michael leiter generally said yes, he did not return to washington rapidly after this failed terrorist plot was uncovered and he was involved in communication with the white house and had secure video and other mechanisms and the national counterterrorism center says their leader was involved, just as other top agencies, heads were involved, and really, martha, the problem was not what happened after christmas day, quite clearly the problem was -- happened or did not happen -- >> leading up to that, thank you very much, major garrett in front of the white house. >> while we await the president's statement everybody is following the story, let's bring in karl rove a fox news contributor and former senior advisor to president george w. bush. great to see you. a couple of things we have to point out. jim jones, i want your take on this and the national secure advisor saying we'll be shocked about what the president talks about in the report and earlier former homeland security secretary tom ridge said we need to get back to the 9/12 mindset of 2001. is it your sense,
: live for us at the state department. a very sad outcome for one washington state family. dan springer is live for us. >> reporter: that is right. molly hightower. she was one of those americans trapped in the rubble of a building that collapsed in haiti. for two days she was missing. family and friends were holding out hope. early this morning word came that search-and-rescue crews found her body in the rubble of that building. today's mass was turned into a memorial service for 22-year-old molly hightower who was helping disabled children. she will be sorely missed. trace: brand new information. continuing coverage of the disaster in haiti. alisyn: nations around the world are pledging to help. detonations are taking all forms. china are originally pledged $1 million and a 60-member team. now up that to $4.4 million along with humanitarian aid and supplies like medicine, tents, and food. china's red cross has pledged $1 million. the united nations world food program is encouraging china to donate more. in comparison the united states has made an initial donation of $100 million. the
of the relevant negotiations to how our health-care system will be days in this country. live in washington today with more. good afternoon, shannon. >> hello. c-span address this request to the top leaders in both the house and senate. the network has already broadcasts hundreds of hours of this health-care reform meetings and floor debates. now is not the time to close the doors. brian lamb is urging to allow the public full access to the final negotiations. it appears democrats are going to bypass a formal conference process where representatives from both parties would sit down and hash this thing out. instead it looks like they are going to pingpong it. to explain that is when this bill is sent from one house to the other. they can make amendments. that process can continue without ever having to go into a conference. some say that is nothing more than an end run around transparency. >> the difference between using a conference and using this procedure is that in a conference of the proceedings would be on c-span, much like what happened during the negotiations over the stimulus. the republi
, i mean, the deal here in washington is that democrats jumping ship. the waters are too turbulent at the moment. it looks like tea party politics, anti-government politics, and anti-democratic politics, especially with the health care bill right now in the water. it is just too much for democrats. so you see a number of them saying they would prefer not to be around. now, there are some people on the democratic side to say there is something of a silver lining. they don't think that chris dodd was the strongest candidate. you have a candidate behind him, the attorney general who may be a better democrat. but that is all speculation. at the moment what you're seeing is some really high-profile democrats and especially the case with dorgan who are leaving. i don't see how you could say anything but the end of the 60 majority for the democrats in the senate and protection against a republican filibuster. jane: it appears when you look into each of these stories that each of these candidates saw the writing on the wall and did not want to go through what it might have taken. as you po
. the president is making a big push to get both sides to meet in the middle. fox's jim angle is in washington. is a compromise possible here jim today? >> reporter: well, it looks like they're working on one. they've been talking for two day at the white house and there is now word that they have come to some sort of agreement on the 40% tax on so-called cadillac healthcare plans alisyn. those as you know are the ones that affect many union plans which have relatively healthy benefits. this is something the president and his advisors had supported even though the unions are against it because it is seen as one of the few things in the bill that economists say would actually reduce the nation's healthcare spending. bend the cost curve if you will. the unions of course which enjoy these kind of plans do not like this at all because their members would get hit so they are trying to and apparently have succeeded in negotiating a pretty good deal for themselves. fox has told that the tax was first going to hit of course any plan that costs more than 23,000 it will now we have learned hit plans tha
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